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Courage of their Convictions

by Gemma Grant
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About the Book
This fascinating collection details the stories of ordinary, and yet extraordinary, individuals whose unshakable faith and personal courage helped change the lives of millions.
These remarkable stories transport us to places all over the world, including a convent garage in Ohio, where Mother Angelica founded the largest religious television network in the world; inside the walls of the Vatican, where Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, ‘The Scarlett Pimpernel of the Vatican’, evaded the snare of a Gestapo colonel; the depths of the Bolivian jungle where Father Joe Walijewski helped build an entire city; and a church in Dublin where Matt Talbot quietly made his daily pilgrimage.
Common to each of these exceptional men and women, lay and religious alike, was their willingness to take up their cross, no matter what the cost. Their abilities to overcome insurmountable obstacles have made their stories worth telling and their lives worth remembering.

About the Author
Gemma Grant grew up in Belfast during the Troubles, a harrowing experience that placed an indelible mark on the author. She earned a Degree in History from Trinity College and has travelled extensively, from Rome to Marrakesh to the Dead Sea. Gemma has written for Ireland’s Eye, and has contributed numerous articles and short stories to Ireland’s Own, including a series of articles called ‘Ireland’s Historical Castles’. She has written unpublished works End of the Road: A Belfast Tale and a collection of children’s stories. She lives in Dublin with her husband, Ruairí.