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Coping with Birth Trauma and Post-Natal Depression

by Lucy Jolin
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There are few sensations more wonderful than a cuddle with your new baby. But what happens if you burst into tears every time you re-live your babys birth? If you spend your day staring at the wall instead of enjoying outings together? If you find yourself crying with exhaustion when faced with a screaming baby at 4 am?For some women, becoming a parent can be unexpectedly hard. With todays high expectations of motherhood, there is still a taboo about not loving your baby at birth, or finding some aspects of motherhood boring and miserable. Postnatal depression (PND) affects around one in six new mothers, while its estimated that up to 200,000 women each year may feel traumatised by childbirth, with feelings of fear, guilt, anxiety, and symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares and persistent memories of birth.This book explores how to cope with such feelings, and how to make a successful and happy adjustment to motherhood even when it doesnt come naturally at first. The topics include: defining birth trauma and postnatal depression; when bonding doesnt happen - learning to love your baby; family relationships and how they may change; you and your partner - how your relationship changes once you have a baby; body image - how a baby changes your body; social pressures on your body; coming to terms with your new identity; and, Moving forward.You cant change society and its often unrealistic expectations and stereotypes of motherhood, but one day everything will fall into place and you will come to love your new baby and feel confident in your new role.