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Come Drink at the Fount

by Edmond Cullinan
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The title of this book, Come Drink at the Fount, suggests that people are thirsty. Christian spirituality seeks to respond to that thirst, which is, ultimately, a thirst for God. Carmelite spirituality is particularly accessible because it has been expressed in the writings of very gifted women and men. The authors introduced here are St Teresa of Ávila, St John of the Cross, Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, St Thérèse of Lisieux and St Edith Stein (Teresa Benedicta of the Cross).

Fr Cullinan’s study is a most useful reminder to those of us who have long neglected reading the lives of the saints and who remember doing so in seminary or later. It has been noted that many saints, including Edith Stein, who is featured, became saints or were motivated to conversion through reading the lives of the saints. Saints too became authors of other saints’ lives and contributed to the deposit of spiritual richness from which we carve out our own pathway. More contemporary practices like Lectio Divina and the Focolare movement and its founder Chiara Lubich are woven into spiritual sketches and extracts from Saint Teresa of Avila; Saint John of the Cross; Saint Therese of Lisieux; Saint Edith Stein and the lesser known Brother Laurence of the Resurrection.
The biographical details of each saint are recounted. Human interest always draws one in and provides a context for the thoughts and practices of those who are separated from us by centuries and cultural changes. The personality, the practical nature and the humorous asides of Saint Teresa of Avila shine through. The book is immensely readable and practical, with a series of extracts for Lectio Divina and a very reader-friendly format and font. In re-acquainting many of us with the lives of the saints and the Carmelite authors in particular, Fr Cullinan has led us to the water and has encouraged us to drink deeply from the wells.
Reviewer: Michael Murtagh, Intercom, February 2022

‘Whoever opens the pages of this book will find a very attractive presentation of Carmelite saints and their spirituality. It may be dipped into at different times, or read chapter by chapter, or used by a study or reflection group. All will find it very helpful.’
Míceál O’Neill O. Carm., Prior General

Edmond Cullinan is a native of Dungarvan, County Waterford and a priest of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore. He has worked in various ministries and is currently vice-rector of the Pontifical Irish College, Rome. He is a member of the Third Order of Carmel and is involved in the Focolare Movement. His previous publications include The Story of the Liturgy in Ireland (Columba Press, 2010) and Pilgrims and Prophets: Biblical and Celtic Spirituality (Veritas, 2016).