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Climate Generation: Awakening to Our Children’s Future (Revised Edition)

by Lorna Gold
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About the Book
In Climate Generation: Awakening to Our Children’s Future environmentalist Lorna Gold issues a clarion call to take immediate action on climate or risk bequeathing a stark legacy to future generations.
Lorna shares her personal journey in coming to understand what ‘climate change’ means to her both as an activist and as a mother who is fearful for her children’s prospects in a world that hovers on the brink of destruction.
Rather than simply lament the grave situation facing our planet, however, Climate Generation offers the reader hope and a manifesto for change. Lorna shows readers how, by making comparatively modest changes in our day-to-day lives, we can play our part in transforming the world around us, while also explaining how we can call on the political elite to embrace policies that will bring about real and meaningful reforms.
Climate Generation is an impassioned plea to parents, grandparents and all who care about our planet to act now in creating a world where children come first.

About the Author:
Lorna Gold
is Director of Movement Building in FaithInvest. Prior to working in FaithInvest, she was Head of Policy and Advocacy in Trócaire. She has previously worked in the Department of Politics at the University of York, where she was the recipient of the Joseph Rowntree Centennial Fellowship and an ESRC postdoctoral fellowship. She has a PhD from the Department of Geography at the University of Glasgow. She writes widely on a range of development issues, including the Millennium Development Goals and the relationship between Catholic social teaching and ethical business models. She has a particular interest in the changing shape of Ireland’s development policy.