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Christian Community Bible Indexed Red HB

by Redemptorist Publications
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The New Community Bible (NCB), published by St Pauls Publication, is the revised edition of the popular Christian Community Bible, translated by Late Bernardo Hurault, a French Priest and biblical scholar, from original languages to Spanish in 1971. Since then it has been translated into many languages and millions of copies have been sold.

The first International Edition of the New Community Bible was launched in London, Sydney and New York by St Pauls in 2012, and over 75,000 copies of the edition were sold within a year. In the General Introduction to the NCB, Dr Augustine Mulloor OCD, DSS underlines the fact that 'The New Community Bible provides a new version of the Bible in English, in a language that is adapted and understandable to all English-speaking readers. It makes available a Bible that provides also the necessary and sufficiently adequate introductions, explanations and commentaries, so that the believers can safely grow familiar with the Sacred Scripture and read them fruitfully and experience a transformation of life.'

Assessing the book of Exodus in the NCB, especially in regard to the accuracy of translation, Rev Dr Mark Kenney SM, lecturer in Biblical Studies at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, says, 'The entire text of Exodus was compared with the Hebrew and found to be an accurate, readable translation.'

Dr Michele A Connolly RSJ, Academic Dean of Catholic Institute of Sydney, assessed the Gospel of Mark and said, 'I would recommend this translation for anyone looking for a text for personal prayer and reflection that reads in accessible English.'

The NCB is a great resource for all those who wish to have a deeper understanding of the scriptures and a great help for all those who make use of Scripture in daily prayer, in Bible study groups in schools and parishes and in small communities.

Key features:

Simple yet faithful English translation
Commentary on the Sacred Text
Authoritative introductions
Easy cross-references
Compact lexicon of people, places, terms and expressions
Printed in readable type
Thumb Index
Two Marker Ribbons
Presentation page