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Challenges in Later Life

by Mary Threadgold
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This book begins by highlighting the five areas of life that correspond to human need, namely the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Having looked at those areas for relevant issues that arise in later life, we then move on to possible ways of coping with the difficulties that we can encounter. Each section ends with a way of relating these issues to Christian thinking. This is followed by a section on Communication in Later Life with particular emphasis on non-verbal communication - body language, facial expression, tone of voice, use of language and also aspects of listening. We then explore our feelings about the ageing process. We also explore the decisions that older people and their loved ones are faced with when it comes to considering the need to go into residential care or to continue to stay at home in spite of diminishing health and mobility. There is an extensive section on where to go for help or advice as well as a number of appendices. The concept of spiritual reminiscence is introduced as this is a fruitful area for the older person to learn to use in order to find meaning in their lives as they look back on their experiences over the years.