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Catholic Education

by Gareth Byrne and Sean Whittle
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About the Book
Catholic Education: A Lifelong Journey is an exciting investigation of Catholic education in the parish, home and school, exploring the various ways Catholic education is present not only in Catholic schooling but throughout the whole of a Catholic person’s life.

This extensive volume brings together leading and emerging scholars in Catholic education, from both Ireland and Britain, who offer important insights into the lifelong nature of the Catholic education journey, and seek to stimulate a deep sense of enquiry, exploration, reflection and action.

As a whole, this volume encourages an integrated, faith-community focused, intergenerational, open, creative and generous approach to what Catholic education, broadly conceived of, can be.

About the Authors
Dr Gareth Byrne is Associate Professor of Religious Education and Director of the Mater Dei Centre for Catholic Education (MDCCE), Dublin City University. He is published widely in the field of religious education. Among his titles with Veritas are Faith Working through Love, In the Tender Embrace of God’s Mercy, Love One another as I have Loved You, and as editor with Leslie J. Francis Religion and Education: The Voices of Young People in Ireland.

Dr Sean Whittle is a Visiting Research Fellow at St Mary’s University, London, and a Research Associate with the Centre for Research and Development in Catholic Education, with Professor Gerald Grace. Alongside his academic roles he works part-time as a secondary school RE teacher at Gumley House FCJ Catholic School in West London. His book A Theory of Catholic Education was published in 2014 and he has edited Vatican II and New Thinking about Catholic Education (2016), Researching Catholic Education (2018), and Religious Education in Catholic schools in the UK and Ireland (2018).