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Catholic Children's Bible, ESV-CE, White Anglicize

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Beloved by millions around the world, the English Standard Version of the Bible is ideal for anyone looking for a contemporary and readable translation that is also accurate and consistent in its rendering of key words and phrases.

Created by a team of over 100 leading scholars, this Catholic edition of the ESV is fully Anglicized and features the deuterocanonical books in the Catholic Bible, such as a Tobit, Judith and the Wisdom of Solomon. Presented in a double-column format, with explanatory footnotes providing alternative renderings of particular words and phrases, the ESV-CE Bible offers a clear, easy-to-read text that is perfect for everyday use.

There’s no better way to introduce young readers to God’s Word for the first time than with the ESV Catholic Children’s Bible. Featuring the full ESV text, it includes 16 plates of stunning, brightly coloured illustrations from artist Skylar White that bring to life some of the most beloved stories of the Bible. With a blue ribbon marker and multi-coloured endpapers, this is a Bible that children will be drawn to and will treasure throughout their journey of faith.

Other features include:
9.5 pt font size
An award-winning typeface
Inline chapter headings
Inline chapter numbers
12 maps
White paper from sustainable sources
The English Standard Version is an essentially literal translation of the Bible that seeks as far as possible to reproduce the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each biblical writer.

Following a distinct word-for-word translation method, the ESV Bible captures the precise wording of the original texts by rendering each Hebrew or Greek word with an equivalent English word. This result is a modern translation that stands in the classic tradition that starts with the King James Version of 1611 and stretches through to the Revised Standard Version of 1971.