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Bible in a Year Companion Volume III

by Ascension Press
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The Bible in a Year Companion takes Catholics through the award-winning Bible in a Year podcast with summaries, transcripts of Fr. Mike’s daily prayers, and extra content for each episode. It’s the perfect way to remember what you’re hearing, as well as learn even more about each part of Scripture!

The Companion presents daily content for each episode of the podcast, including:
- The proprietary Bible in a Year Reading Plan
- Reflect on the Word, where readers will find a summary of the key points and highlights of Fr. Mike’s commentary on the daily readings
- Take It to Prayer, so Catholics can pray the daily prayer with Fr. Mike and the rest of the BIY community
- Dive Deeper, which features unique content surrounding each day’s readings, from images and Q&As to prayer prompts and ways to live out the Bible in everyday life

In addition to this daily content, each biblical period has a Time Period Introduction and Review. Written by Jeff Cavins, these help Catholics to know what to look for in the days ahead, and to recall what has happened in the days they have just completed.

Volume III of The Bible in a Year Companion covers Days 244-365 of The Bible in a Year podcast. For Days 1-120 and Days 121-243, see Volumes I and II.

This sought-after guide to the award-winning podcast is coming to you thanks to many collaborators including:
- Fr. Mike Schmitz
- Jeff Cavins
- Bobby Semendy
- Members of the Ascension Catholic Bible
- Kara Logan & many more!