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Behold the Lamb of God: Praying before the Blessed

by Fr Tom Mulligan
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Fr Tom Mulligan ¦ In recent times there has been a revival of Eucharistic Devotion in parishes throughout the country. This practice of immersing oneself in silent adoration before the Blessed Sacrament is the secret to knowing the Lord, according to
Pope Francis, who wholeheartedly endorses this form of prayer. The practice of exposing the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance enables the faithful to gaze prayerfully at the host, giving them the opportunity to refl ect
on what it means to receive the body of Christ into one’s heart. This practice also fosters a personal devotion to Jesus and energises the faithful for mission. This invaluable collection of themed scripture readings, prayers, poems and quotations will assist worshippers in deepening and sustaining their prayer ives as they ponder the mystery of the Eucharist.

Father Tom Mulligan holds a Masters of Divinity Degree from Loyola University,
Chicago. He is the author of The Rosary Priest: A Biography of Patrick Peyton.