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A Walking Tour Of Dublin Churches

by Liam C. Martin (Illustrator)
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‘How beautiful to have the church always open, so that every tired wayfaring man may come in and be soothed by all that art can suggest of a better world when he is weary with this.’
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journals, 1833

The history of Dublin is written in the bricks of its churches. In this book, readers will discover the churches that are part of the very fabric of the city and testify to its rich spiritual and architectural heritage. From grand medieval structures to modest edifices built down back alleys during penal times, A Walking Tour of Dublin Churches takes in such iconic Dublin landmarks as Christ Church Cathedral and St Patrick’s Cathedral, alongside lesser known gems like the Church of Adam & Eve and the Rotunda Chapel.
The stories of these churches tell of invasion, repression, persecution and, above all, the enduring faith of the citizens of Dublin.
This beautiful illustrated book, which includes a numbered map of Dublin, is an invaluable reference guide for locals and tourists seeking a better understanding of the city and its rich Christian heritage.

Artist Liam C. Martin (1934-98) was a respected visual chronicler of Dublin city’s changing face. A student of Harry Kernoff and Seán Keating, Martin’s distinctive pen and ink drawings were a regular feature in the Irish Times, the Irish Independent and the Dublin Evening Mail. His column ‘Know Your Dublin’ appeared in the Evening Herald from 1967 until his death in 1998.