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A Hundred Roads to Here: Introductions to Meditation

by Donagh OShea
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A Hundred Roads to Here is a book for struggling meditators.

‘Reading these meditations is like walking out into the open, and breathing in fresh air. There is nothing elitist here, nothing esoteric. All the same, these bright crafted words, and the silence between them, achieve again and again a miracle of sorts: at one point, bringing us with a jolt to our senses, at another, bringing us down to the root of our desire. A remarkable achievement.’ – Paul Murray, author of T.S. Eliot and Mysticism: The Secret History of ‘Four Quartets’

The wish to meditate may be strong and persistent, but there are many impediments. Every meditator knows them. They present themselves in random ways, and this book is for dipping into at random. Though they are numbered, the sections are in no particular order. They are not points to ponder during meditation, because meditation is inner silence. They were written in response to requests from individuals and groups for brief inputs at the beginning of their meditation sessions; they are not meant to lead to further reflection, but to silence, and to the meditative state which is never more than a breath away.

About the Author:
Donagh O’Shea
is director of the Dominican Retreat and Conference Centre, Tallaght. His other books include Go down to the Potter’s House, Take Nothing for the Journey, and Faith Questions: Searching for Meaning and Hope.