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A Dialogue of Hope

by Gerry O’Hanlon SJ
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We live in an Ireland, and a world, where conventional economic models have failed, politics is fractured, what it means to be human is contested, and opposition between secularists and believers is conducted like some kind of Punch-and-Judy show. The dominant narrative of our time is spent. What might replace it? A group of individuals, with expertise in different fields of Irish life, have come together to make a case for constructive engagement and dialogue between secularists and religious believers, in order to imagine an alternative narrative for our day. This narrative, involving a more participatory democracy, would be in service of social and ecological justice and human flourishing. It is a narrative that would welcome input from secular sources and religious voices, from poor and rich people, from atheists and believers, from scientists and philosophers, from poets and theologians. The present book is the fruit of their sharing and deliberations. It is their hope that they can contribute to a more widespread dialogue of hope that will champion an inclusive vision of society where all can flourish and feel at home.