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A Breath of Fresh Éire

by Olga Balaeva
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About the book
A Breath of Fresh Éire is a collection of essays, accompanied by stunning photographs, that celebrates the beauty of the Irish landscape and showcases both famous landmarks and lesser-known locations. A Breath of Fresh Éire focuses on experiencing nature in a mindful way, reflecting on the heritage of a place and tuning into emotions that interaction with natural beauty evokes. Whether you have always lived here, made Ireland your new home or are just visiting, A Breath of Fresh Éire invites you to come a step closer to the seemingly forbidding beauty of wild Ireland. Observe, marvel, listen – and let nature fill your heart with inspiration, joy and peace.

About the author
Olga Balaeva is a linguist, a writer and a Gaeilgeoir living in Dublin. Born in Moscow, Olga completed her BA at Moscow State University and her MSt at Oxford University. Olga’s first book, Ireland AS Gaeilge: A User-Friendly Guide to the Irish Language, was published in 2017. She primarily writes creative non-fiction with a particular focus on Irish-interest topics. Olga has an online publication in Irish on as well as a flash fiction publication in the Clover & White online literary magazine. Apart from writing and languages, Olga’s other passion is hiking around Ireland and finding inspiration and joy in close engagement with nature.

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