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Submission guidelines 

Veritas publishes books in the following areas: theology, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, self-help, family, social issues, parish and church resources, bible study, etc. (please see our online catalogue for further details). 

Veritas accepts unsolicited manuscripts.
Proposals should include: 

A cover letter 
A brief biography 
2-3 sample chapters 
A brief synopsis of your book proposal 

Please submit your proposal to us by email (details below). If this is not possible, please submit in typewritten form, double-spaced on A4. Please keep a copy of your submission. Only submissions with an enclosed SAE will be returned to authors. 

Due to the large volume of manuscripts submitted, please allow a minimum of 12 weeks for a response. 
Veritas cannot provide feedback on every submission received.

Proposals should be sent to: 

Daragh Reddin
Managing Editor, 
Veritas Publications, 
7-8 Lower Abbey St, 
Dublin 1,