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In the spirit of St Valentine's Day on 14 February, Veritas Campaign: Love is everything, books and gifts for all embarks on a journey to celebrate the profound impact of love across all dimensions of life. This includes the beauty of friendships, relationships, family bonds and the divine love that unites us all. By crafting a narrative that emphasizes the significance of these human connections, we aim to inspire a collective acknowledgment that indeed, Love is Everything, Books and Gifts for All. Browse our selection of books, gifts and personalised candles and embrace the magic of St Valentine's Day with us and make this celebration a memorable ode to the love that binds us all.


Frequently asked questions about Valentine's Day

What is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is a cherished celebration dedicated to love and affection, observed annually on February 14th. At Veritas, we believe that love is everything, and we offer a curated selection of books and gifts to help you express your deepest sentiments to your loved ones.

Where Did Valentine's Day Originate From?
Valentine's Day has its roots in ancient Roman and Christian traditions, but its modern celebration as a day of romantic love dates back to the Middle Ages. This year, at Veritas, we honour the essence of Valentine's Day with our campaign, 'Love is everything - Books and Gifts for all,' celebrating the power of love in all its forms.
What is the perfect Valentine's Day Gift?
The perfect Valentine's Day gift is one that speaks to the heart and soul of your loved one. At Veritas, we offer a diverse range of heartfelt gifts, including romantic books, religious-themed jewellery, inspirational cards, and unique keepsakes, carefully curated to express your love and appreciation for your soulmate, friends and family.
What is the Most Popular Gift on Valentine's Day at Veritas?

Our most popular Valentine's Day gifts at Veritas this year include enchanting children's books, intricately designed jewellery pieces adorned with symbols of love and faith, beautifully crafted cards and gifts that convey heartfelt messages of love and devotion, and our Personalised Wedding Candles.

Is Valentine's Day exclusively celebrated by couples?

Valentine's Day is often associated with romantic love between couples, but it's not exclusively celebrated for them. It's a day to express love and appreciation to anyone special in your life, including friends, family members, and even pets. Many people use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to show affection and gratitude to those they care about, regardless of their romantic relationship status.

Who was Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine was a Christian martyr who lived during the 3rd century AD in Rome. The exact details of his life are unclear, as there were multiple martyrs named Valentine. However, one popular account suggests that Valentine was a priest who defied Emperor Claudius II's orders by performing marriages for soldiers, despite the emperor's decree that soldiers should not marry. Valentine believed in the sanctity of marriage and helped couples to unite in holy matrimony.

Why is Saint Valentine considered the saint of love?

Valentine's association with love and romance likely stems from a legend that emerged later, suggesting that while imprisoned for his actions, he healed the daughter of his jailer and wrote her a letter signed 'Your Valentine' before his execution. Over time, Valentine came to be celebrated as a symbol of love and devotion, and his feast day, February 14th, eventually became associated with romantic love and affection. However, it's important to note that the historical accuracy of these stories is debated, and the romantic associations with Valentine's Day developed over centuries of cultural evolution rather than directly from the life of Saint Valentine himself.

Where Can I buy Valentine's Day Gifts at Veritas?
You can find the perfect Valentine's Day gifts at Veritas, both online at our website and in-store in Dublin City Centre, Veritas Blanchardstown, Veritas Tallaght, Veritas Cork, Veritas Derry, Veritas Letterkenny, Veritas Limerick, Veritas Newry. Explore our 'Love is everything - Books and Gifts for all' campaign collection to discover meaningful gifts that celebrate the essence of love this Valentine's Day.