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When Love Is Found

by David Haas
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In this collection David Haas and Jeanne Cotter have united their talents to provide us with a treasure of music and liturgical resources for The Rite of Celebrating Marriage.

When Love Is Found contains two kinds of music: general music, appropriate for any number of places during a wedding liturgy and specific ritual music, intended for particular moments during the ceremony. David and Jeanne are quick to remind us that the sacrament of marriage is a celebration of the whole community and, therefore, most of the music for the liturgy should come from the common repertoire of the community. In keeping with this, the general music they offer in this collection are songs, hymns, and psalms that can be incorporated into that store of music sung by a community throughout the Church year. On the other hand, the specific ritual music (the various acclamations to follow the exchange of vows and rings; and the nuptial and final blessings) is designed to strengthen certain moments during the wedding liturgy. These pieces have been carefully fashioned so they can be learned by the congregation on the spot with the support of a cantor.

But even more importantly, in When Love Is Found David and Jeanne provide an invaluable aid to couples and musicians involved in the planning of a wedding. Their extensive commentary teaches us about The Rite of Celebrating Marriage, helps us to understand the role of music in this rite when celebrated by the Christian community, and finally, guides us through the process of making the many musical and ritual choices we must for the wedding liturgy.


1. When Love Is Found
2. We Will Serve the Lord
3. In Love We Chose to Live
4. Love One Another
5. We Have Been Told
6. Wherever You Go
7. God the All Holy
8. Where There Is Love
9. Seek First the Kingdom
10. Servant Song
11. Faith, Hope, and Love
12. Come and Journey With Me
13. There Is One Body
14. Psalm 33: The Earth Is Full of Beauty
15. Psalm 34: The Goodness of God
16. Psalm 103: The Good Lord Is Kind and Merciful
17. Psalm 112: Gods Command
18. Psalm 128: Happy Are They Who Honor the Lord
19. Psalm 145: Our God Is Compassion
20. Psalm 148: Let All Praise the Name of the Lord
21. Instrumental Procession: Love Is the Sunlight
22. Gathering Hymn/Greeting: Love Is the Sunlight
23. Psalm 33 - Blessed Are We
24. O God Send Your Blessing