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To Bring Comfort and Consolation

by Paddy Shannon
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With a foreword by Bishop Donal McKeown

About the book
This book is directed primarily to those involved in bereavement ministry, and is based on the course designed by the author for his own use in training in a parish setting.

It is divided into five sections:

The human experience of Grief – drawing on his own experiences as well as the writings of some leading experts in grief; the Liturgy of Mourning as used in the Catholic Church; Grief in the Scriptures; a selection of suggested Scripture readings with reflections and some sample prayers of intercession. These are intended to be used by ordained and lay ministers for their personal reflection and in preparing funeral homilies. They may also be of solace to grieving people; and finally, a selection of prose, poems and prayers.

About the Author
Paddy Shannon worked for eighteen years with Cruse Bereavement Care, overseeing the development of the organisation across Northern Ireland. He has spoken at conferences and delivered training workshops on grief and bereavement ministry across Ireland, the UK and internationally.