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The Way to Manresa Discoveries Along the Ignatian

by Brendan McManus
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This book is about a walk on the Camino Ignacio in Spain, that ended in failure through injury that ironically illustrates key aspects of Ignatian Spirituality. Ignatius himself was a wounded soldier and limped his way across Spain as he managed to turn apparent failure into a great conversion to Christ. Ignatius injury revealed that God had a better plan for him and letting go of control paradoxically allowed God in. This book illustrates that same dynamic: an unexpected injury that throws everything up in the air, the struggle to let go of plans and expectations, trying to discern in difficult situations with incomplete information. It is a roadmap for those seeking to make sense of failure and reinterpret it in God s eyes that allows for new life and meaning. The fact that this walk takes in key Ignatian sites such as Loyola, Naverette and Manresa, gives even more insight into Ignatius experience as a limping pilgrim. Readers will find here a concrete spirituality of real-life , that helps with decision making, dealing with suffering, facing failure, perseverance, surrendering to life and making the best out of difficult situations. Those dealing with failure, disability or injury will find a message of hope and consolation to deal with hopelessness and depression.