Table of the World CD

by Tony Alonso
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In this new recording from Tony Alonso, you will find ritual songs of mission and ministry that challenge us to take the Gospel vision from the table of Christ Jesus to the table of the world. Songs like “How Good It Is” and “I Will Arise” portray a message of forgiveness, reconciliation, peace, and unity. These themes are also reflected in the usage of diverse languages and music from other cultures throughout this recording. Many of the songs are bilingual, incorporating both Spanish and English.

“Touch the Earth Lightly,” with text by Shirley Erena Murray, is a gentle plea that calls us to be goodstewards of the earth. In the title track, “Table of the World,” Alonso skillfully crafts, through the marriage of an original text to the familiar tune NETTLETON, a sending forth that directs us to “become what we receive.”

Table of the World truly communicates God’s call for us to live as one in grace and peace.