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Reaches of the Mind

by Niall Weldon
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Reaches of the Mind is a collection of essays by former Aer Lingus employee, author and nonagenarian Niall Weldon. Written between 2010 and 2015, the essays reflect the vast array of Weldon's knowledge and interests acquired over the course of his life and career. Although the history of aviation features heavily in his writing, his interests diverge into other areas, such as American politics, poetry and agriculture. No less insightful are Weldon's more personal recollections; through his firsthand accounts of such topics as the bombing of the North Strand, anti-Irish sentiment in the UK, and corporal punishment in Irish national schools, we see how radically our society has changed since the establishment of the Irish Free State.

This book is at once a fascinating portrait of the often unexpected memories and experiences that shape the course of our lives, as well as a blueprint for the reader of how to remain creative, active and curious after retirement.