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Mega-moo the Grumpy Ducks DVD

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Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent is an animated action-adventure series about a young spy with a whole lot to learn! He's arrogant and reckless and always insists on working alone. That is, until the day he's paired with a very unlikely partner…his mom! Deb Defrates is NOT a spy. She knows more about cutting coupons then cutting down on crime but her wisdom and kindness somehow always seem to save the day. These half hour episodes are great for churches or families and are perfect for children ages 6 and up.

Episode 2: Megamoo and the Grumpy Ducks: An evil computer genius has escaped from prison and is using the new video game \"Grumpy Ducks\" to control everyone in town, causing them to moo like a cow in a video game daze! Secret agent Ryan Defrates and his mom Deb must sneak into Grumpy Ducks' head quarters, defeat a giant robot cow and unplug the game before it’s too late!

Key Theme: Respecting others - You can show a person how valuable they are by listening to them when they talk…even if that means putting down a video game or cell phone.