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Live Simply, Share Generously

by Fr Peter McVerry
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About the book:
‘Working with homeless people has totally changed me, turned me inside out and upside down. They’ve challenged my values, they’ve changed the way I see Irish society, they’ve changed the way I see God, they’ve done everything for me.’ - Fr Peter McVerry

Published to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Peter McVerry Trust, this book tells the story of the people behind it. The forty voices range from Paddy Fay, the first resident of Fr Peter McVerry’s Tabor House hostel in 1979, to other service providers, sponsors, fundraisers and board members. Media voices include: Miriam O’Callaghan, Linda Martin, Rick O’Shea, Matt Cooper, Claire Byrne and Ray D’Arcy.
With photos spanning forty years, including from Peter and contributors, this book highlights the impact that Peter and the charity have made, especially as Ireland’s largest provider of Housing First services.

About the author:
Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Fr Peter McVerry was involved in setting up a number of new services developed in response to the diverse needs of the clients he was helping. While the Celtic Tiger economy gathered strength and averted its gaze from the homeless, a network of allegiances and supports was being formed that would later, in the new century, begin to coalesce under the umbrella of Peter McVerry Trust.

‘Live Simply, Share Generously
masterfully captures the spirit, deep commitment and tireless effort of Peter McVerry Trust and highlights the powerful impact their services have had on so many lives.’
Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland

‘I commend and thank you, and all the volunteers of the Peter McVerry Trust, for all you do to bring promise and possibility into the lives of those citizens, so many of them frightened or vulnerable and facing the future with a sense of dread and despair. I am both moved and impressed, and made grateful as President of Ireland for your dedication and great compassion as you continue to give your time, skills and solidarity to enable those who are homeless to shape and craft a future of hope and expectation, a future where they can plan, aspire and contribute to society from the shelter of a place that they can now call home …’ Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland