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Liberating Spirituality for Religious Educators

by Wyndham Hall Pr
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Spirituality is essentially about seeing the depth in all of life. Since the Incarnation, there has been no dichotomy between the sacred and the secular. All of life is Christened and everywhere is potentially a place where we can meet God. All of life is our teacher and all of life is a Holy Festival to which we are invited to an abundance of life by God, as summarized in John 10:10: ?I am come that they may have life and have it to the full.? However, many never arrive at the Holy Festival but spend their life tuning their instruments for a future date. The time is now. As religious educators, we cannot condone a competitive, violent system, which often treats others as objects rather than true subjects before God. We need to slow down our pace, sit back, observe, reflect and, above all, contemplate on turning this system into a redemptive one. My hope is that this work will make people sit back and re-evaluate the present, and in so doing be a foundation stone for a long-awaited process.