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In the Wake of the Celtic Tiger: Poverty in Contem

by Irish Commission for Justice and Social Affairs
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Established in 2005 by the Department of Social Issues and International Affairs of the Bishops Conference, the newly formed ICJSA combined the Bishops Council for Social Welfare and the Irish Commission for Justice and Peace.

The Irish Commission for Justice and Social Affairs (ICJSA) an agency of the Irish Bishops Conference has issued a position paper addressing the issue of poverty in Ireland in the wake of the Celtic Tiger.
In its introduction, the paper says "The global financial crisis that threatens a severe and protracted recession has heralded the demise of the period of rapid economic growth in Ireland known as the Celtic Tiger. After a period of prosperity we are now faced with difficult economic choices if we are to both sustain the economy and protect the vulnerable in our society. This paper on poverty in contemporary Ireland issues a challenge to all of us to recognise that notwithstanding the social gains and economic growth of the Celtic Tiger, poverty does exist on our island and risks increasing significantly in the current crisis. Poverty, of course, is not simply about lowness of income and the consequent impact on people as consumers. Poverty denies individuals what they need to flourish and also denies Irish society the gifts of those who never reach their potential. Thus it is both morally reprehensible and economically damaging."