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How the Angels Got Their Wings

by Anthony DeStefano
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Who IS that angel that we see perched atop the Christmas tree?
And how can angels fly so high, soaring through the snowy sky?

And why do angels dress in white? And do the angels ever fight?
Who made the angels? Any clue? He who made them made YOU too!

With these charming rhyming verses, Anthony DeStefano begins this enchanting children’s book on perhaps the most fascinating of all God’s creatures - the angels.

How the Angels Got Their Wings is a winsome introduction to the story of the angels - pure spiritual beings of extraordinary power made by God to assist Him in carrying out His will. Beginning with the creation of the angels and the “war in Heaven” between the good angels and the bad, this book introduces children to the famous archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael - as well as to Satan, the ringleader of the fallen angels, who chose to rebel against God.

This book also acquaints children with those special angels who are here with us right now, helping to protect and guide us - our guardian angels. It shows children how angels can assist them with all the problems they encounter in life, from communicating with others to choosing between right and wrong, and can protect them from physical harm.

How the Angels Got Their Wings is a beautifully illustrated, highly entertaining, biblically correct, and theologically orthodox introduction to angels. Once children read it, they will be forever comforted in knowing that God’s love for them is so strong that He gave them not only His Son, but the angels above so they will never, ever be alone in life.

About the Author:
Anthony DeStefano
is the best-selling author of twenty-five Christian books for adults and children, including: "A Travel Guide to Heaven", "Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To", "Little Star", and "The Donkey No One Could Ride."

He has received many awards and honors from religious communities throughout the world. In 2002, he was given an honorary Doctorate from the Joint Academic Commission of the National Clergy Council and the Methodist Episcopal Church for "the advancement of Christian beliefs in modern culture." The commission is made up of outstanding Evangelical, Orthodox and Protestant theologians and educators. Anthony is a Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the oldest Order in the Catholic Church. He is an avid pilot, and lives with his wife, Jordan, in New Jersey.

Anthony has appeared on many national television and radio programs, including Fox and Friends, CNN, the 700 Club, Focus on the Family Radio." His books have been endorsed by Kathie Lee Gifford, Regis Philbin, Quincy Jones, Delilah, Pat Boone, William Bennett, Lee Iacocca, Dr. James Dobson, Bernice King--daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and many others.