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Holy Russia? Holy War?: Why the Russian Church is Backing Putin Against Ukraine

by Katherine Kelaidis
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'An original, and in some areas unexpected, way of shedding light on this critical subject.'
Edward Stourton, journalist and presenter of BBC Radio 4's The World at One

Why is the Russian Church supporting Putin in his war against Ukraine?
Why does the Patriarch of Moscow believe that history is on Russia's side?
And what are the implications for Christianity and Christian culture in the West?,/b>

These are among the vital questions addressed in Holy Russia? Holy War? Written by Katherine Kelaidis, an internationally respected historian who is also an Orthodox believer, this timely book examines the way history and religion are being used to justify Putin's 'special military operation' in Ukraine.

Kelaidis shows how Russia's understanding of its past continues to shape and direct the way it sees its future. This, she argues, is not only a problem for Ukraine, but also a problem for all who value freedom, democracy, tolerance, and the defence of human rights.

Reading Holy Russia? Holy War? will enhance your knowledge of why the defence of Ukraine is also the defence of Western freedom and values. It will also help you to see how differing views of the past can radically affect what happens in the present, how religion can so easily become corrupted at the service of militant nationalism, and how we must guard against it, wherever it appears.