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Happy Confident Me Journal

by Annabel Rosenhead
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Daily journal for kids aged 6-12 to promote increased happiness, self-confidence, optimism, pride, resilience and gratitude.
Developed by Psychotherapist Annabel Rosenhead and Parenting Expert and best-selling Author Nadim Saad, this beautifully illustrated, full colour journal offers children different inspiring quotes and questions every day. It opens up 7 to 12 years olds' abilities to better understand themselves, reflect on the positives each day and find it easier to discuss their feelings and identify their emotions.
In a world where mental health issues among the younger generations are on the rise, this is the first of a series of Happy Confident Me Journals (see more on These journals take kids on a journey of 10 weeks of journaling, to allow new more positive habits to be formed and better equip your kids to be stronger, happier and more confident.
Packed with daily quotes to inspire and fun weekly activities, each day your child has four questions to complete about their day. With free pages each week to give them space to further write doodle or draw, this is the only journal of its kind on the market today,

-To focus on the positive things they can be grateful for each day
-To identify their feelings each day positive and negative
-To understand themselves better
-To develop a greater sense of pride in their actions

-Stronger connection with your children thanks to sharing their thoughts and feelings
-Being able to discuss feelings with your kids more openly
-Helping your kids express themselves more clearly
-Finding new ways to motivate your children