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Gospel Conversations

by Desmond O'Donnell
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Human nature has always had the same basic needs – meaning in life, personal safety and security, self-transcendence and peace of heart, deep family love and togetherness, constant caring and touch, respect and acceptance from others, the enjoyment of celebration and freedom from guilt, some success and achievement and finally to share their thoughts and feelings with others. We all have these needs, and every person in the Gospel story had them too. The twenty conversations in this book try to show how this is so.

These conversations are offered in the hope that they will help the reader to relate to, and to understand more easily, the people who played a central part in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Desmond O’Donnell is an Irish Oblate priest and a professional psychologist who ministered for 28 years in Australia and served on 12 years on the General Council of the Oblates. His previous books include Praying I like This and Apostolic Community Is like This (Dominican Publications); To Stay a Believer and God Is Love (Columba Press); Joyfully Sharing the Gospel (Veritas).