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Confirmation Catholic Bible ESV-CE, Hardcover

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Created by a team of over 100 leading scholars, this Catholic edition of the ESV is fully Anglicized and features the deuterocanonical books in the Catholic Bible, such as a Tobit, Judith and the Wisdom of Solomon. Presented in a double-column format, with explanatory footnotes providing alternative renderings of particular words and phrases, the ESV-CE Bible offers a clear, easy-to-read text that is perfect for everyday use.

This Confirmation edition has an eye-catching, contemporary design that is ideal for older children and young adults affirming their faith and entering fully into the life of the Church. Featuring the full ESV-CE text, it is ideal for detailed Bible study and private devotion as well as for reading aloud. Presented as a hardback, with an orange ribbon marker and coloured endpapers, this is a confirmation gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Other features include: 9.5 pt font size An award-winning typeface Inline chapter headings Inline chapter numbers 12 maps White paper from sustainable sources