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Can I Play Too?

by Noelle Lambert
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Can I Play Too? is a story about a dog who wants to be boss and who is intolerant of others. It raises issues of exclusion and inclusion. The gentle message that is reinforced is that playing together is fun!

Can I Play Too? will take children to a fun-filled world where dogs play, sniff, roll, dig holes and generally enjoy life. All is well until Sandy, a new dog, arrives. Bruno decides that Sandy looks different and declares that he is not allowed join in the game. Fuelled by the power of this decision, Bruno begins to exclude other dogs. The games end. Fortunately, some of the dogs who have been excluded manage to meet and continue their friendship. They develop their own special playing ground. Before long, Bruno realises his mistake.

This story will help children see the effects of their actions. It addresses issues of prejudice, exclusion and the meaning of friendship. It reinforces the simple but powerful message that all dogs belong. The world is a happier place when we all play together. This is an illustrated book suitable for children 3-8 years. Ideal as a bed-time story for the home, it will also be a useful tool in the classroom.