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Anger: Discovering Your Spiritual Ally

by Andrew D. Lester
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Is it okay to get angry? Andrew Lester thinks it is, and in this accessibly written book, he shows the reader how to understand anger so that it will be helpful, not hurtful, to Christian life. Here, Lester challenges the popular misconception that good Christians don't get angry. He explores the biblical teachings about anger, focusing on the destructiveness of the dark side of anger as well as the creativity that can result from appropriate anger. By drawing on research in psychology and sociology and on Christian teaching, Lester uncovers a basic truth: anger occurs when you, or those people or things close to you, are threatened. Anger must be faced, he says, or it will become destructive. He shows how to face your anger and to deal with it constructively and gives advice on how to know when it is it is time to get help. This book will help you to understand your own anger, and the anger of those around you. Being angry is not something you need to feel guilty about but is something that needs to be managed so that it becomes your spiritual ally.