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A New and Fairer Ireland: Socio-economic Review 2011

by Sean Healy
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This Review presents a narrative outlining what happened over recent decades to
bring Ireland to where it is today, where exactly Ireland finds itself now, where Ireland
should go into the future and what it needs to do to get there. It goes on to address
key policy areas, present a detailed analysis and propose policy initiatives that are
required to develop A New and Fairer Ireland that is sustainable, equitable and a
desirable place in which to live.
This Review does not accept many of the assumptions and analysis that underpin
much of the commentary in public and policy-making arenas in recent times.
The scale and severity of the crises in which Ireland finds itself raise obvious questions
regarding how they occurred. This Review provides a commentary on the background
to these events. It addresses questions about recovery from these crises and more
importantly how we can shape a future Ireland that cares for the well-being of all its
people and protects the environment.
This Review goes on to address core challenges under the headings of:
• Income • Education and Educational Disadvantage
• Taxation • Intercultural and Migration Issues
• Work • Participation
• Public Services • Sustainability
• Housing and Accommodation • Rural Development
• Healthcare • The Developing World
It presents a detailed analysis under each of these headings alongside a set of key
policy priorities that would go some way to addressing the challenges identified.
The Review is published by SocialJustice Ireland as a contribution to the public debate
on key socio-economic challenges Ireland faces today.