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Irish Publisher Enters Book Distribution Arena

Veritas is a Dublin-based book publisher. The company, which is over 120 years in business, has 10 retail stores across the island of Ireland and  is an agency of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. As well as publishing over fifty books a year in the mind, body and spirit genre, Veritas sells over 400,000 textbooks annually in its popular Grow in Love series for primary schools. The company has a network of 10 retail stores across Ireland

The company sees an opportunity to utilise the expertise and resources it has gathered to enter the supply chain sector.

Veritas has the capacity, IT infrastructure and selling experience and are well positioned to enter the book distribution business.

We have over 8,000 accounts with bookstores, churches and schools. It is this client base that is appealing to publishers. We will appeal to educational, religious and general publishers.

Veritas is currently installing a new ERP solution (Microsoft Navision) to enable the smooth handling of multiple entities and has a warehouse resource with the capacity to take on the ranges of a number of small to mid-sized publishers.

Currently Veritas represents a number of US publishers and sells in both Ireland and the UK. The company now looks to complement this by adding a number of publishers who would benefit from an independent distribution alternative.

With extensive experience in publishing and distribution, Veritas can advise on every aspect of the production and sale of books. Along with distribution, Veritas also has a reputable sales agent and a new trade website, which is due to launch early in 2018.


For further information contact :
Turlough O’Brien
Sales & Operations Manager


Veritas distributes books from these companies:

  • Abbey Press
  • ACTA
  • Ave Maria Press
  • Bantam Press
  • Bloomsbury Religion
  • Candle Books
  • Catholic Truth Society
  • Darton, Longman and Todd
  • Doubleday
  • Eerdman
  • Harper Collins
  • Liturgy Training Publications
  • Lion Hudson
  • Orbis Books
  • Our Sunday Visitor
  • Sheldon Press
  • SPCK

Companies that distribute Veritas books:



1. Dufour Editions Inc: 124 Buyers Rd Po Box no. 7Chestersprings Pennsylvania19245-007 USA Phone 1-610-458-5005 Fax 1-610-458-7103

2. Ignatius Press: 2515 McAllister Street, San Francisco,California 94118, USA Tel (415) 387 2324, Fax (415) 387 0896



1. Rev. Francis Zammit, Librerija Taghlim Nisrani, Centru Kateketiku Salesjan, 19 Karm, Galea Street, Sliema, Malta SLM 09 Tel (356) 331447, Fax (356) 342766



1. John Garratt Publishers 32 Glenvale Crescent, Private Bag 400, Mulgrave, Vic 3170, Australia Tel (03) 95453111, Fax (03) 95453222 Email Website


New Zealand:

1. Pleroma Christian Supplies, Higginson Street, Otane 4170, Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand Tel: 0064 6 8568378, Fax: 0064 6 8568155 Email


South Africa:

1. St. Augustine's Catholic Bookshop, 2 Prospect Hill, PO Box 425, Port Elizabeth 6000, South Africa

2. The Catholic Bookshop, 14 Tuin Plein, PO Box 379, Cape Town 8000, South Africa