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Your Spiritual IQ: Five Steps to Spiritual Growth

Author(s): John Savage

ISBN13: 9781426702198

ISBN10: 1426702191

Publisher: Abingdon Press

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  • Guidance, inspiration, and practical tools to deepen your relationship with God.

    To increase your faith, love, and commitment to God, you must: know your own story, pray deeply, simplify your desires, face your challenges, and expand your understanding through learning and service to others. Practicing these five steps, as described by John Savage, will help you face difficult times and find meaning in your life journey.

    In this book, Dr. John Savage also provides reproducible pagesto help you develop your personal spiritual development plan.

  • John Savage

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    Amidst a never-ending stream of books on `Steps to Increase Your IQ, finally there jets forth a book to help us increase our SQ: Spiritual Quotient. Savages five `steps are better described as `leaps forward into the future where Jesus is calling us to join him in mission and ministry.

    - LEONARD SWEET, Drew University, George Fox Evangelical Seminary,

    "This book explores some important components of our spiritual journey and breaks new ground in identifying the nature of a maturing Christian. It will be invaluable to anyone who is willing to do the inner work necessary in growing into the fullness of Gods image in ones humanity."

    - CAROL ANN SPENCER, O.P., Director of Wellstreams (training program for spiritual directors)

    "For far too long we in the church have offered simplistic answers for peoples deep spiritual questions and have cheapened the call to follow Jesus in the journey of costly discipleship. Johns book is a refreshing and practical guide for the Christian who longs for something more."

    - MIKE SLAUGHTER, Ginghamsburg Church


Your Spiritual IQ: Five Steps to Spiritual Growth

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