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Practical approaches for Caregivers & Teachers

Author(s): Louise Porter

ISBN13: 9780761943242

ISBN10: 0761943242


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  • The authors have brought together much expertise and discuss some interesting ideas, issues and research, and this is useful for those who work close to the transition point form the foundation SAGE to Key State 1 (both before and after it), including students, teachers and advisers - Early Years. Although this book is quite long at 225 pages, I found it hard to put it down. I particularily liked the way it not only covered the foundation stage but also followed this through into Key Stage 1, showing the next stage in development and the difference between the play based learning in the Foundation stage to the formal learning in year 1. The chapter on Personal, Social and Emotional development was by far my favourite as it gives you an insight into how children develop in this important area - "Who Minds".It is important to view childhood education as inquiry rather than a prescription in order to encourage a broader, less linear view of development and more inclusive strategies of care and education.
  • Louise Porter

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