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You Shall Not Want: The Psalms

Author(s): John Kirvan

ISBN13: 9781594711565

ISBN10: 1594711569


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  • 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher

    Each book in the 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher series provides a month of daily readings from one of Christianitys most beloved spiritual guides. For each day there is a brief and accessible morning meditation drawn from the mystics writings, a simple mantra for use throughout the day, and a night prayer to focus ones thoughts as the day ends. These easy-to-use books are the perfect prayer companion for busy people who want to root their spiritual practice in the solid ground of great spiritual teachers.

    "These wonderful mystics are enjoying a renewed popularity precisely because so many people are recognizing the need to find the Sacred once again. [Their] wisdom and writings... are as valuable today as they were hundreds of years ago." - From the Foreword by Caroline Myss, Author of Anatomy of the Spirit

    The Psalms have always been a source of comfort and wisdom to people of diverse faiths. Connect with the doubts, dreams, and trials of the Psalmists through a months worth of morning and evening readings.
  • John Kirvan

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You Shall Not Want: The Psalms