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You Are My Friends

ISBN13: 9781585955510

ISBN10: 1585955515


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  • These beautifully written reflections were inspired by a group of students who were learning about Jesus, but not connecting with him personally. The author began to fear that his strictly academic approach to Jesus might be undermining their faith - which was already under attack from countless forces in the world around them. They told him that while they appreciated learning new information and theories about Jesus, they also wanted to connect what they were studying to their everyday lives. They wanted to meet the Jesus who makes a difference. "Since Jesus sided with the outcasts of his day, shouldnt we try to figure out who the outcasts of our day are?" they asked. "Did Jesus have feelings, suffer pain, and experience emotional hurts just like us?" "What does Jesus want of us?" Soon Professor Stoutzengerger began writing reflections on some of these topics - for himself initially. He didnt want to get so bogged down in an academic study of Jesus that he missed his personal message. Eventually, he offered these reflections to his students as invitations to spend time with Jesus. In them, Jesus is not an object of study but a friend who wants to share their lives.
    Here, he invites other readers to enter the conversation. "You are my friends," Jesus said, and in these thirty-six brief reflections readers will get to know him better.

  • Joseph Stoutzenberger

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You Are My Friends

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