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Book of the Month - June


Part of the call of the Year of Faith is to renew our knowledge of and commitment to the faith that was gifted to us at baptism. Veritas is therefore happy to offer a Year of Faith: Book of the Month. These books are intended to inform readers on a wide variety of faith topics. As an initiative for the Year of Faith, you might like to start a Year of Faith Book Club in your work, school or parish community, where these publications can be discussed and shared.


Book of the Month for June: The Gospels Box Set

The Gospels Box Set contains four beautifully presented books with the complete text of the Gospels faithful to the NRSV translation. Featuring full-colour illustrations throughout, each book includes both classic illustrations and modern-day photos. The text is easy to read, and some guidance is given in terms of the structure of each Gospel.


The Gospel according to Mark, for example, is presented in five parts: Introduction/Jesus’ Baptism (1:1-13), Ministry in Galilee (1:14-6:6a), Apostolic Journeys (6:6b – 9:50), Journey to Jerusalem (10:1-52) and Ministry and Passion in Jerusalem (11:1-16:20). A short introduction to the Gospel is included at the beginning of each book and an index is supplied at the end. Guidance on Lectio divina is also given.


To look inside this book, please click here.



Previous Books of the Month:

May 2013: Faith Working Through Love: Prayers, Meditations and Reflections Celebrating the Year of Faith 

April 2013: Dear James Anthony: Why I Want You to be Catholic


March 2013: Share the Good News: National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland


February 2013: Take the Plunge by Timothy Radcliffe


January 2013: Will there be Faith? Depends on Every Christian by Thomas H. Groome


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October 2012: Heaven Sent: My Life Through the Rosary by Fr Gabriel Harty


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5 result(s)

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