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Book of the Month - December


Part of the call of the Year of Faith is to renew our knowledge of, and commitment to, the faith that was gifted to us at Baptism. Veritas therefore happy to offer a Year of Faith: Book of the Month. These books are intended to both form and inform readers on a wide variety of faith topics. As an initiative for the Year of Faith, you might like to start a Year of Faith Book Club in your work, school or parish community, where these publications can be discussed and shared.. 



Year of Faith: Book of the Month for December: The Illustrated Bible: Story by Story by Michael Collins


The Illustrated Bible: Story by Story is an indispensable retelling of the stories from both the Old and New Testaments, accompanied by high-quality graphics and clear explanations. Authenticated by a team of expert biblical scholars and historians, it details every major covenant, prophecy, miracle and parable in the Bible, set clearly in their historical and religious context. Follow the story of how the Bible was recorded, from the earliest inscriptions on stone tablets to the translation of the scriptures into most of the world’s languages today.


From the creation to the ascension, each story is retold and explained book by book, prophet by prophet, and miracle by miracle. Special features reveal the historical and cultural backdrop to the Bible, with maps, artifacts and photographs of archeological sites. Navigating the Bible is made easy with extensive links between stories, biblical quotations and references to corresponding chapter and verse throughout.



  • Profiles key figures, from Adam and Eve to John the Baptist to Saint Paul
  • Focuses on key sites, such as Jericho and Mount Sinai
  • Comprehensive timelines give an instant overview of events
  • Before-and-after panels throughout link events over time
  • Features portraits, works of art, maps, landscapes and key artifacts
  • Includes family trees showing genealogies


The Illustrated Bible: Story by Story has been compiled by a team of international, multidenominational scholars in their field, covering a wide range of differing faith backgrounds.


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