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Writing in the Sand

Jesus, Spirituality and the Soul of the Gospels

Author(s): Thomas Moore

ISBN13: 9781848500945

ISBN10: 1848500947

Publisher: Hay House UK (1 Jun 2009)

Extent: 208 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 14.2 x 21.4 cm

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  • Through his examination of the original Greek texts of the Gospels, Thomas Moore draws upon his background of studying theology, world religions, art history, psychology and mythology to discover a unique, enlightening and revolutionary view of how the Gospels can offer enlightenment and spiritual wealth to anyone, regardless of belief.

    In Writing in the Sand, Thomas Moore studies the Gospels in an entirely new light, reviewing the common interpretations that have been preached by organised religion for the past 2000 years. Far from the traditional moralistic view, we find a sophisticated, more human Jesus living the good life of friends, loves and community; a man whose teachings became an original philosophy for creating a happier and more meaningful life. He dismisses the cautionary voice of earlier interpretations and instead explores the deeper significance of language, stressing the origins of words and their many levels of meaning, in an effort to discover what we can truly learn from the Gospels most significant stories.

    The modern age seems to be a time when religious beliefs and dogma throughout the world are creating more distance and strife. Thomas Moores investigations into the teachings of Jesus reveal a path to enlightenment that is echoed in many other major religions. He helps us remember that heaven is not a destination, but something that resides within all of us.

  • Thomas Moore

      Thomas Moore is the author of numerous popular spiritual books including the New York Times best seller, Care of the Soul. He is a Roman Catholic and a Jungian psychotherapist. After the success of Care of the Soul and its companion volume Soul Mates, he became a full-time professional writer. His most recent book, A Life at Work, was published this spring by Broadway.

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    'Over the years, Thomas Moore has taught us how to discover the holiness concealed in the ordinary.'

    - Harold Kushner

    In his latest book, Thomas Moore finds striking new meaning in the rich stories and imagery of the Gospels, recasting Jesus not as a teacher of morals and beliefs but as a spiritual visionary with a radical vision for humanity.

    This highly original take on the Gospels offers a fresh, new way of imagining human life and society. It presents Jesus not as the founder of a religion but as a world reformer offering a spiritual path to everyone, from every background. It offers a personal spirituality fit for the 21st century, where the individual bears responsibility for meaning and for a creative, convivial way of life.

    'The sincerity, intelligence and style , so beautifully clean , of Tom Moores Care of the Soul truly moved me. The books got strength and class and soul, and I suspect may last longer than psychology itself.'

    - James Hillman


Writing in the Sand

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