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Worship Together

Author(s): Sandra Millar

ISBN13: 9780281066292

ISBN10: 0281066299

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • Would you like to put on services that appeal to all ages, but don’t know where to start?

    Drawing on good examples of all-age communication and years of experience, Sandra Millar guides you through the theory and practice of creating worship that really works for everyone – aged 3 to 103!

    The first part of the book outlines the ‘key components’ of all-age worship, including shape and structure; making use of space and multi-sensory elements; allowing room for mystery and wonder; and drawing on universal stories.

    The second part includes 12 tried-and-tested and ready-to-use service outlines, one for each month of the year. These contain all you need to run an all-age worship service, whether your congregation is large or small, urban or rural.

    The services include:

    - A gift for everyone

     - Love for everyone

     - A journey for everyone

     - New life for everyone

     - Choices for everyone

     - Hope for everyone

     - Jesus for everyone

     - Joy for everyone

     - Time for everyone

     - A place for everyone

     - A promise for everyone

  • Sandra Millar

    The Revd Dr Sandra Millar is Adviser for Work with Children and Families for the Diocese of Gloucester, where she inspires and supports parishes in their work with children and families. She was previously a vicar in the Dorchester-on-Thames team ministry and served her curacy in Barnet. Prior to ordination, she worked in marketing for various food and pet-food companies.

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    Sandra Millar is a children's champion in the life of the Church. Passionate about good theology and vibrant liturgy, she believes that worship should entrance children and, with good practice, can do so. In Worship Together and Festivals Together she explores the principles and provides a wealth of good ideas and resources for children and adults coming together in worship that touches the hearts of all. These books are good news for all who want worship to inspire.


     - Michael Perham, Bishop of Gloucester


Worship Together

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