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World Is My Cloister

Author(s): John Michael Talbot

ISBN13: 9781570758584

ISBN10: 1570758581

Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS

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  • Discover the secret to happiness that St. Francis knew centuries ago:
    "The world is my cloister, my body is my cell, and my soul is the hermit within!."

    John Michael Talbot shows that you need not live in a monastery to know the peace of God and be a blessing to the world.You can cultivate solitude, silence, and sacred stillness on the spot where you are standing. You can live from the hermit within wherever you are. In chapters ranging from meditation to community, the gift of tears to the music of life, John inspires all of us to live the life of the spirit as expressed by our spiritual forebears.

  • John Michael Talbot

    John Michael Talbot, the bestselling author of the spiritual classic The Lessons of St. Francis, is one of the founding fathers of contemporary Christian music, with multiplatinum sales. He has received, among other honours, Dove and Grammy Awards. He is the host of the inspirational television programme All Things Are Possible. He tours constantly, headlining over 150 ministries per year. He is the founder of an integrated monastic community, the Brothers and Sisters of Charity.

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World Is My Cloister

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