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Word on Fire

Proclaiming the Power of Christ

Author(s): Robert Barron

ISBN13: 9780824524531

ISBN10: 0824524535

Publisher: Crossroad Publishing Company (April 2008)

Extent: 225 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 21 x 14.5 x 1.5 cm

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  • This collection of sermons from award-winning author Fr. Robert Barron invokes the word of God through scripture and calls on every reader to heed the message of Christ and be changed. Homilies, arranged by theme, are taken from Barron's popular radio show.

    With sections on the Mystery of God; Jesus; Life in the Spirit; Holy Men and Women; Liturgy and Prayer; and Faith and Culture,  this book offers passionate evangelism for Catholics and those exploring Catholicism.

    An asset for priests preparing weekly sermons, individual readers in private reflection, and discussion groups, Barron's notable volume brings the scripture to life and inspires readers to bring the teachings of Christ into their hearts and homes.

  • Robert Barron

    Father Robert Barron is an acclaimed author, speaker, and theologian. He is the Francis Cardinal George Professor of Faith and Culture at Mundelein Seminary near Chicago and also is the founder of Word On Fire (


    Fr. Barron is the creator and host of CATHOLICISM, a groundbreaking ten-part documentary series and study program about the Catholic Faith (Fall, 2011). He is a passionate student of art, architecture, music and history, which he calls upon throughout is global travels in the making of the documentary.


    Word On Fire programs are broadcast regularly on WGN America, Relevant Radio, CatholicTV, EWTN, the popular Word on Fire YouTube Channel, and the Word on Fire website, which offers daily blogs, articles, commentaries, and over ten years of weekly sermon podcasts. Father Barron is the first priest to have a national show on a secular television network since the 1950s.


    Father Barron received his Masters Degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America in Washington DC in 1982 and his doctorate in Sacred Theology from the Institut Catholique in 1992. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1986 and has been a professor of systematic theology at University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary since 1992. He was visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame in 2002 and at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in 2007. He was also twice scholar in residence at the Pontifical North American College at the Vatican.


    In addition, Fr. Barron lectures extensively in the United States and abroad, including the Pontifical North American College at the Vatican and the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Cardinal George calls Fr. Barron “one of the Church’s best messengers.”


    Since 1992, Fr. Barron has taught Systematic Theology at the nation's largest Catholic seminary, The University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois. He was a visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame in 2002. Fr. Barron received a Master's Degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America in 1982. He received a doctorate in Sacred Theology from the Institut Catholique de Paris in 1992. Fr. Barron was baptized at Queen of All Saints Basilica in Chicago and grew up at St. John of the Cross parish in Western Springs, Illinois.

  - Fr. Barron's website launched in 1999, draws over 1 million visitors a year from every continent. Fr. Barron posts weekly video clips, commentaries and radio sermons and offers an audio archive of over 500 homilies. Podcasts of his sermons are widely used by tens of thousands of visitors each month.


    TV - EWTN (The Eternal Word Television Network) and CatholicTV broadcasts Fr. Barron's DVDs to a worldwide audience of over 150 million people.


    Radio - Since 1999, Fr. Barron's weekly Word on Fire program has been broadcast in Chicago (WGN) and throughout the country (Relevant Radio - 950 AM Chicago) to 28 million listeners in 17 states. Fr. Barron also is a regular commentator on the "Busted Halo Show" on the Sirius satellite radio network based in New York.


    DVDs - Fr. Barron's DVDs are used as powerful faith formation tools in universities, schools, churches and homes around the country. The series includes Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues; Faith Clips; Conversion: Following the Call of Christ; and Untold Blessing: Three Paths to Holiness.


    YouTube - With over 180 online video commentaries by Fr. Barron, over 1 million viewers worldwide have made him the most popular of any evangelist on YouTube. These frequent, high-quality productions include brief and lively theological reviews of contemporary culture, including movies such as No Country for Old Men, Apocalypto, and The Departed, a three-part critical review of Christopher Hitchen's book God is Not Great, The Discovery Channel's The Jesus Tomb, the HBO series "The Sopranos", "Rome" and more.


    Missions - MISSION CHICAGO features evangelization lectures by Fr. Barron at the behest of Cardinal George. These special missions and presentations throughout the Archdiocese are centered in downtown Chicago and attract business, civic, and cultural leaders.


    Books - His numerous books and essays serve as critical educational and inspirational tools for seminarians, priests, parishioners and young people worldwide. His published works are also central to the numerous retreats, workshop and talks that he leads around the country.

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    The fact that Barron has a knack of making Scripture relevant to one’s life in the here and now is one of the book’s greatest assets.  Another is the conciseness of each of his 'sermons,' which can be read quickly. He speaks in 'ordinary' language to which his readers can relate. Furthermore, his delivery is so ordinary that one could easily be unaware of how much theology he has incorporated into these pages. He is truly a theologian of the twenty-first century with the grace of being a parish priest who can articulate the meaning of Scripture for our times.

     - Janelle Maes, OSB, Benedictine Journal Review

    Robert Barron is one of today’s premier Catholic spiritual writers. His new book breaks open several key Scripture passages to help readers plunge more deeply into the mystery of God’s presence in the Bible and in their own lives.

     - James Martin, S.J., author of My Life with the Saints

    Here is Robert Barron's distinctive voice: substantive and imaginative, clear and challenging. His words help fan God's Word into flame, as he proclaims, 'Behold, the beauty of the Lord
     - Robert Imbelli, Boston College

    Robert Barron has a unique talent for combining scriptural exegesis with a thorough knowledge of theology, both traditional and modern, the enterprise further undergirded by a firm grasp of philosophy. Barron uses this considerable technical apparatus in the service of homilies which are deeply religious and accessible to the average reader. Written in a clear and lively style, Word on Fire delivers homilies with panache. Highly recommended.

     - Howard P. Bleichner, S.S., author of View from the Altar

    Robert Barron's reflections on the scriptures weave vast learning, beautiful prose, and his own vivid faith into a seamless whole. First given as homilies, they are, for the reader, authentic meditations written by an engaging and learned younger priest theologian. A model for the preacher, these pages are solid food for everyone in the household of the Faith.
     - Lawrence S. Cunningham, John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology, The University of Notre Dame

    Robert Barron's Word on Fire makes clear that Jesus Christ matters, that our response to Jesus' question, 'But who do you say that I am?', determines every aspect of our lives. Confidently but without arrogance or triumphalism, Barron calls us to encounter Christ in all of his strange beauty and humble power, and to respond in conversion and mission. Spanning intellectual heights and daily realities, Barron writes from his knees so that we may arise and walk in the power of Christ.

     - Christopher Ruddy, author of The Local Church and Tested in Every Way


Word on Fire

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