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Wonder Worker - The True Story of How Saint Nicholas

Became Santa Claus

Author(s): Vincent Yzermans

ISBN13: 9780879462789

ISBN10: 0879462787


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  • Discover the magic inherent in the true story of a man who overcame relative obscurity in a small Mediterranean city and became a cultural icon the world over. In Wonderworker: The True Story of How St. Nicholas Became Santa Claus, Msgr. Vincent Yzermans writes a book for his grandnephew that explains the evolution of St. Nicholas into Santa Claus.

    Nicholas quickly made a name for himself with his eloquence, intelligence and generosity. Recognized as a miracle worker during his lifetime, he became known for helping children in need, mothers in labor, and sailors as they traversed the Mediterranean. The modern incarnation of Santa Claus, however, became popularized in the mid-19th century through a poem by Clement Clark Moore called "A Visit from St. Nicholas"-better known as "The Night Before Christmas"-in the Frank Church editorial, "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus," and in the artwork of Thomas Nast and Haddon Sundblom.

    This book will appeal to children from the age of nine to ninety-nine. Anyone who celebrates Christmas-regardless of whether or not they still believe in the existence of a Santa Claus who brings gifts to children around the world-will welcome this informative and eloquent explanation of the true story behind how a humble bishop from Asia became "jolly old St. Nick."
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Wonder Worker - The True Story of How Saint Nicholas

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