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Wonder of the World

ISBN13: 9780972347310

ISBN10: 0972347313


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  • In The Wonder of the World, "Guru" (Madhva Mitra) and "Geek" (Joe Levin) debate the fundamental questions of existence. These are the starting points of their inquiry:

    - What happened before the Big Bang?
    - Does the universe have an IQ?
    - How do electrons and photons, cells and proteins, "know" what to do and what keeps them ticking?
    - How do thoughts "cause" brain events?
    - Is there a supra-scientific Theory of Everything?
    - What did the pioneers and prophets of science think of God?

    Guru is an exponent of the God-equation that underlies science and reason and Geek is an atheist scientist who holds that science leaves no room for religion. Guru seeks to show that we can "see" God here and now. Geek says, "show me." Guru offers to lead a pilgrimage from the invention of Nature to the Mind of God. Join them now as they journey through the Wonder of the World: space, time and motion; the quantum microverse; Big Bang and other cosmologies; the saga of life on planet Earth and the appearance of rational self-consciousness.

  • Roy Abraham Varghese

    Roy Abraham Varghese is co-editor of the acclaimed international best seller on science and religion, Great Thinkers on Great Questions , considered in 1998 by Time magazine to be the year s most intriguing book about God.

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Wonder of the World

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