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Women of Opus Dei, in Their Own Words

Author(s): Driver Oates, Ruf Oates

ISBN13: 9780824524258

ISBN10: 82452425


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  • A doctor, a professor, a dancer, a stay-at-home mom, and a marketing executive are some of the inspiring women portrayed in this collection that describes the women of Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic organization composed of clergy and lay members dedicated to fostering Christian principles at all levels of society. Each essay, interview, and profile in this compilation explores facets of Opus Dei that are unfamiliar to many. The DaVinci Code and other popular entertainments have whetted the interest in this controversial organization, and promulgated many assumptions that members of the organization contest. The women portrayed in this collection encompass an inspiring, and, for some, surprising, segment of an order that encourages women around the globe to develop their skills and talents to the fullest and to be engaged in the world. Single, celibate women and those raising families describe their first encounters with Opus Dei, what made them decide to join, and how it transforms and orders their daily lives. Relevant information on the organization and workings of Opus Dei, its structure, and some of the key practices of the members are also discussed.

  • Driver Oates

    Ruf Oates

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    An honest appraisal from women who know Opus Dei from the inside out.

    - Publishers Weekly

    "Perhaps no part of contemporary Roman Catholicism has been more misunderstood and misconstrued than has Opus Dei, especially in the days since the publication of the popular bestseller, The DaVinci Code. This collection of interviews and autobiographical statements, by contrast, offers its readers not only a sympathetic, but also a very informative, presentation of the prelature and is to be highly recommended to those who are interested in this influential organization."

    - Phyllis Tickle, author, The Divine Hours

    "I loved these women! From changing diapers, to Harvard medical internships, to the top of a Tibetan mountain, they show all women how to confront the ordinary circumstances of life with extraordinary joy. Whether former atheists or cradle-Catholics, they have discovered a path that will inspire any woman who longs for a deeper way to deal with her days."

    - Delia Gallagher, Vatican analyst and former CNN faith and values correspondent


Women of Opus Dei, in Their Own Words

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