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Withi a New Voice: The Psalms for the 21st Century

Author(s): Thomas Stuart

ISBN13: 9781844173853

ISBN10: 1844173852


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  • With a New Voice is intended for public worship, though suitable for individuals, and divides the psalms between voices - between leader and congregation and between sections of the congregation. This book will inspire readers of all denominations to worship and respond to Gods love with a deepening understanding of the psalms.

    The psalms were originally written in the language and concepts of their generation and, as such, have many aspects which have quite a different significance for us today. With a New Voice is a wonderfully fresh rendering of the psalms in modern English which successfully captures a twenty-first-century feel and meaning.

    Several distinctive features combine to give the psalms contemporary and challenging expression - for example, references to specific place names, situations and historical events which do not have the same relevance for us today have been reduced; aggressive or vindictive elements which puzzle or upset modern readers have been softened; and an effective balance is struck between old language and modern, idiomatic English, preserving the beauty of the language while maintaining accessibility and meaning.


    The Psalms
    Book I: 1-41
    Book II: 42-72
    Book III: 73-89
    Book IV: 90-106
    Book V: 107-150

  • Thomas Stuart

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Withi a New Voice: The Psalms for the 21st Century

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