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With A Listening Heart

Author(s): Bertrand Buby

ISBN13: 9780818909726

ISBN10: 0818909722


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  • How does a person approach the Book of Psalms, this compilation of ancient poetic writings whose beauty and meaning are often obscured by the language, culture and time in which they were written? Exegetes and scholars have done much of the work for us and we find their conclusions set forth in this remarkably brief and highly readable book whose very title sums up the approach that we must take: The psalms must be read and prayed with a listening heart, lev shomes in Hebrew. Oh, that today you would listen to his voice, we read in Psalm 95:7, harden not your heart. An open heart and an attentive ear are required if we are to enter into the spirit and meaning of these great prayers of the Hebrew and Christian faith. The author has painstakingly taken each of the 150 psalms in order and succinctly pointed out what we would do well to look for if we are to cull the maximum benefit from them. In addition, he indicates what he has derived from his own prayerful reflection on the text. With this work in one hand and the psalms in the other, the reader will reap the abundant rewards reserved for those who have a listening heart.

  • Bertrand Buby

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    Bubys ongoing study of Hebrew, his many years of involvement in Christian-Jewish dialogue, and his daily reflection on the psalms have been brought to fruition in this book. The subtitle aptly describes its focus, Biblical and Spiritual Reflections on the Psalms. The reflections are relatively short, a page or two at the most. However, within this framework the author provides the historical and literary information one might need to appreciate the scope and depth of the theological message of the psalm. No biblical text is provided, but he suggests that at least two different versions should be consulted as the reflections are being used. This is a fine resource for biblical prayer.

    - Dianne Bergant, C.S.A. in The Bible Today, May/June 2006

    Psalm connection: Reading and praying the psalms can be an in-depth experience, with the right guide. For Marianist Fr. Bertrand A. Buby, the key to reading, understanding and praying the psalms is experiencing them with lebh Shomea, a listening heart. With A Listening Heart: Biblical and Spiritual Reflections on the Psalms is best read with the psalms at hand reading the original and commentary one right after the other. The short reflections help to explain the context and the personal understanding that comes from Fr. Buby, who has a lifetime of working with and taking apart words and ideas. The author has taken all 150 psalms in order and offers salient points to remember as you read them. An open heart and attentive ear are required to gain the maximum benefit from the prayers and prayer time.

    - Crux of the News, May 30, 2005


With A Listening Heart

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