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Wisdom from the Celtic World 9CD set

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  • From a precious oral tradition rooted over 2,500 years in Irelands past, John ODonohues Celtic Wisdom Trilogy brings you this vibrant spiritual legacy, unique in the Western world. A liberating feast of authentic blessings, insights, and teachings, brought to life by this acclaimed poet, teacher, and Catholic scholar. The Celtic Wisdom Trilogy includes three full-length sessions:

    The Inner Landscape
    Our bodies are mere outlines of a vast and complex interior world, a landscape of contradiction and mystery. The Inner Landscape explores the themes of self-exile and hardship, and the Celtic way of welcoming paradox and finding precious light in the darkest valleys of our inner terrain.

    The Divine Imagination
    Too often we remain distanced from what is truly sacred, the world around us and the divine imagination that created it. Here John ODonohue immerses us in the greatest miracle of Celtic spirituality, its tradition of experiencing the divine as a lyrical, tender, creative force not visible, but always present in all things.

    The Invisible World
    The ancient Celts sensed an invisible world around them, the great unknown from which they came and the source of eternal wonder in their lives. Through prayer, ODonohue teaches, we may enter directly into this secret immensity and escape the psychological prisons we create for ourselves. With prayers, blessings, poetry, and teachings.
  • John O'Donohue

    John O'Donohue passed away in January 2008, aged just 52. Recognized by many as one of the most charismatic, inspirational writers of his day, John lived in the solitude of a cottage in the West of Ireland and spoke Gaelic as his native language. The writer David Whyte elegantly described John as 'a serious philosopher, [a] critical take-no-prisoners thinker, the responsible head of a close, extended family, and the courageous, almost sacrificial activist, who with a group of North Burren allies, took on the might of the Irish establishment and won a victory that changed Irish law at a foundational level. This is a man who could hold the broad spectrum of human experience together in a fierce, intimate and compassionate way, leavened with a humour that defies easy description.

    John O'Donohue was awarded a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from the University of Tbingen in 1990. He wrote several major works, including two poetry collections, Echoes of Memory and Conamara Blues, and the international bestsellers, Anam Cara, Eternal Echoes and Divine Beauty.

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Wisdom from the Celtic World 9CD set

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